Our team sits at the confluence of patient care, enterprise quality, and venture capital. We have been at the bedside, elbow to elbow with physicians in clinical leadership, and the decision-makers for investment firms. We can apply a higher level of discernment as we were forged in healthcare.

We are a boutique consulting group specializing in highly curated engagements focused on:

Investment Firms

  • Due diligence for venture investment and acquisition opportunities
  • Rigorous evidence-based scientific assessment of solution
  • Translating the impact on bedside patient care and payor quality incentives

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

  • External validation of the product or intervention
  • Fractional CEO/CMO offerings
  • Marketing strategy, value chain analysis and pitch messaging

Enterprise Executives

  • Arm’s length independent assessment of solution for partnership or utilization
  • Offer project limited leadership to facilitate organizational integration
  • Assess regulatory and payor landscape for adoption

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